After Dave Barkus graduated with a degree in plastics from Illinois State University, he spent his early years learning the machine element of the industry in order to understand every detail of thermoplastic elastomer production.

Built on this extensive experience and knowledge, ElastoconTPE Technologies was started in 1999, providing one-on-one technical service to assist clients in identifying and formulating the best thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material for commercial and industrial products.

Now a top global supplier in the TPE marketplace. ElastoconTPE offers more than 100 formulations… one of the largest selections of prime, first-quality standard and high performance TPE products worldwide.

Our day-to-day operations at ElastonconTPE derives from our company culture: dynamic, personal relationships with the utmost professionalism built on longevity. From your first TPE order, we become a crucial component of your company’s Research and Development team, forging a partnership in which we collaborate on solutions for your customers’ needs.

Because we produce thermoplastic elastomer material exclusively, we are highly specialized and have cultivated an expertise that is unmatched in the industry. At ElastoconTPE Technologies, we provide our expertise to leading global enterprises - from manufacturing to agriculture – to ensure your clients are using top-quality products.

When your customers depend on you for the best, you can rely on us to provide you with superior TPE materials with the highest strength and durability.

Elastocon TPE Technologies